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Buddist Temple, upstate NY Cody, James Cox, James Cox, James Cox, James Cox, James and Elizabeth Cox, Mildred V. Cox, Thomas Cox, Thomas and Adelaide Cox, Thomas H.
Food Rationing Book from World War II Gershel, Ruth Givens, Albert E. Givens, Andrew Givens, Asa Givens, Audrey Givens, Bouchard Orville Givens, John Luther Givens, John Luther Givens, John Luther and Amanda Hersberger
Graham, A.G. Graham, baby Graham, Catherine Graham, Henry Graham, Herbert Graham, Lewis Graham, Oren E. Herrsberger, John
Hersberger, Bayard Kerr Hersberger, Clara Kerr Hersberger, Ida Mae Wise Fisher Hersberger, John and Sarah Norris Hersberger, John and Sarah Norris Hersberger, John W. Hersberger, Milton Hersberger, Thomas E. Hersperger, Malinda Hinshaw Boys
Hinshaw, Carl and Audrey House, Martha Kelly, Elizabeth Lockridge, Mildred Marlowe brothers Marlowe, John McGovern, Patrick Meikel, Arthur Murray, Rose Mary Murray, Rose Mary
Muzzy, Carrie Norris, Sarah Petersberg Chapel, Neef Sampson, George W Sears, George W Sears, James and Ella Hersberger Sears, Mary Jane (Graham) Spang, Adam Spang, Anna Catherine Spang, Carolina L.
Spang, Catherine Spang, Charles H. Spang, David R. P. and Barbara Spang, David R.P. and wife Spang, Frederick and wife, Margaretha Seltzer Spang, H. Austin Spang, Hannah Spang, Harry Lewis and Dora Schrecengost Spang, Henry Augustine Spang, Isaac and Lydia
Spang, Isaac and Lydia Spang, Isaiah Shumaker and Lydia Riggle Spang, Jacob and wife Spang, Johannes Spang, John Spang, Joseph  Spang, Joseph Spang, Kenneth A Spang, Lizzie May Spang, Mahlon
Spang, Marlin T. Spang, Murray Spang, Perry L. Spang, Peter (Pierre) Spang, Pierre (peter) Spang, Rudolph and Virgie Brubaker Spang, Samuel and Barbara Schmael Spong, John Spong, John L. Wiles, Henry
Wyant, Edgar and Lena [1935] Wyant, Lena McClintock [2012]