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131401 [Tracey3.FTW]

Alice was under age when she married Franklin, so both sets of parents had to sign consent forms for the marriage. They were married by Rev. J. H. Wright (Justice of the Peace), as stated in the Application for Marriage License No. 5166. 
GROSS, Alice Matilda (I457)
131402 [Tracey3.FTW]

Alice was under age when she married Franklin, so both sets of parents had to sign consent to the marriage forms. They were married by Rev. J. H. Wright (Justice of the Peace), as stated in the Application for Marriage License No. 5166. 
FOX, Franklin Marion (I456)
131403 [Tracey3.FTW]

Andreas or Andrew, came to America on the Ship Phoenix, John Mason , Captain, from Rotterdam, but last from Cower, arriving in Philadelphia on 28 Aug, 1750.

They attended several churches. They were married and had the first three children baptized at the Blue Church, Lehigh Co., Pa. They were members of the Dryland Church, Hecktown, Lower Nazareth Twp., Northampton Co., Pa. starting in 1764. The Naumanns also belomged. They attended Emmanuel Petersville Church 1764-1772 and the Salem Union Church of Moorestown in 1771-1787, Moore Twp., Northampton Co., Pa. They attended the Reformed Church in Milford Twp., Lehigh Co., Pa., where three of their younger children were baptized.

He and Christina lived at Bethlehem Twp., Pa., until about 1764 when they settled at Moore Twp., Northampton Co., Pa. In 1787, the entire family, except the oldest son Philip, moved west by covered wagons to Hempfield Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pa. They belonged to the German reformed Church which followed the doctrines of Zwingli, the great Swiss reformer.

He was a carpenter/gunsmith. 
DIEMER, Andreas (I474)
131404 [Tracey3.FTW]

Anna Maria was baptised 30 Jul 1797, the sponsors were Jonathan and
Anna Maria (Hey) Heil.

Anna Maria Heil was the sister of John Nicholas Silvius I. Maria Elizabeth Silvius was the daughter of John Nicholas. Anna Maria Heil was the aunt of Maria Elizabeth Silvius Baker.
Thus, Anna Maria Baker was sponsored by her great aunt, Anna Maria Heil, from the Silvius side of the family.

Baptized by John Michael Steck.
Sponsors were Jonathan Heyl and Anna Maria. 
BAKER, Anna Maria (I473)
131405 [Tracey3.FTW]

Application for Marriage License (No. 9728) gives her birthdate as August 25, 1872 (24 years old at the time of the application). They were married by Rev. P. Doerr, Pastor of the Lutheran Church. 
MYERS, Arabella (I476)
131406 [Tracey3.FTW]

Application for Marriage License No. 9728. It lists his occupation as a Laborer and her occupation as a Lady. 
Family F198
131407 [Tracey3.FTW]

Baptized by: John Michael Steck - Harrold Zion Luthern Church
Sponsored by: Petter Bahm & Barbera

In volume 3 of The German Church Records of Western Pa. years 1805 - 1812 by Paul Miller Ruff (see source information list) it has a record of two children being born to:
Jacob Schmehl & Maria

Childrens' names:
Sara B 16 jan 1809 Baptized 13 Sep 1812
Margretha B 28 May Baptized 13 Sep 1812

May be same lineage???

MAGDALENA KLINGENSMITH, b- 16 Sept. 17g5 Westmoreland Co., d- 1852 according to tombstone; m- Jacob Smail, s/o Peter Smail Jr. & Sophia Gungkel (Kunkle), b- 1792 PA, d- Nov./Dec. 1857 Armstrong Co. He m-2 after Magdalena's death, Nancy J. Elliott Ross, d/o George Elliott & Ann , b4 Dec. 1799, d- 5 Oct. 1878 Crook Creek Cem., Ford City, PA. Masdalena's sponsors at her baptism at Harrold~s Zion Lutheran Church in Westmoreland County were Peter and Barbara Baum. Some sources give Jacob's wife as Anna Maria, Polly, and Margaretta. Simon Peter Klingensmith, Jacob's son -in-law, wrote in his Bible that his mother-in-law~s name was Magdalena. Magdalena and Jacob are buried in the Smail Cemetery, which is located near the Bethel Church in Armstrong County. In 1978 Hazel Branscum erected a monument at the cemetery in memory of her great great yrandparents and her great grandparents, Joseph and Lavina Smail. According to a history of Armstrong County published in the 1980's, "Jacob had a country store and deeded land for the cemetery and for the Smail schoolhouse, where early settlers also held their church services." 
KLINGELSCHMIDT, Magthalena (I523)
131408 [Tracey3.FTW]

Born Near New Bethleham, Pa.
1st born twin 
WATTERSON, William Lorenzo (I469)
131409 [Tracey3.FTW]

Came from Westerwald, Germany to America in 1749.
Appears to have been a shoemaker by trade, as referenced by the book Westerwald to America. John is listed with CHristian Badenheimer, another shoemaker, in a N. J. court case. They were listed as shoemakers of Amwell, N. J. 
BECKER, John Adam (I424)
131410 [Tracey3.FTW]

Citizen and (Gerichtsschoffen- court lay assessor or lay member of the court) at Griesbach. 
DIEMER, Johann Philipps (I500)
131411 [Tracey3.FTW]

He arrived in Philadelphia with his father on September 26, 1743.

He was one of the founders of the Harrold settlement southwest of Greensburg, in Westmoreland County. 
HARROLD, Christopher Sr. (I444)
131412 [Tracey3.FTW]

He was a farmer in the lower Palatinate. His wife was the daughter of a neighboring farmer, John Michael. 
BAEST, Wilhelm (I448)
131413 [Tracey3.FTW]

He was a watchmaker and jeweler. 
FOX, John Franklin (I458)
131414 [Tracey3.FTW]

He was baptized by Balthaser Meyer. Sponsors were Christopher Harrold Sr. and wife Catherine, grandparents.

He lived in Hempfield Township, and was a potter by trade, no doubt succeeding to his fathers pottery after his step-father, Jacob Schloss, moved away.

He owned various tracts of land in Hempfield Township and also in Armstrong County, and Indiana County. 
CRIBBS, Christopher (I438)
131415 [Tracey3.FTW]

He was baptized by the Rev. John Caspar Stoever. The sponsor at his baptism was John Jacob Yost.

He grew up in the New Hanover neighborhood and was confirmed at New Hanover church in 1744, aged 14 years.

Jacob continued to live in New Hanover for a few years, or at least he had three children baptized there at the New Hanover church. Then he moved a few miles to the northwest and lived in Rockland Township of Berks Co., where he appears on the tax lists for the years 1758-1766, and then disappears (is not on the lists for 1767, 1768, or 1770). He seems to have assessed a medium sized tax there. What became of him -- whether he died or moved away, is not known at present. 
KREBS, Johann Jacob (I442)
131416 [Tracey3.FTW]

He was born in Switzerland, where his family had temporarily fled seeking safety from the invasions of Louis XIV armies. Later he lived in Palatinate, near northern Switzerland.

He was tall for the day --- 6'2" and called the runt of the family.

He married a German girl, Anna Susanna Schaeffer. Two of their children were born in Germany, Wilhelm Jr. and Susanna. They emigrated in 1738 from Rotterdam to the English port of Deal, then to Philadelphia, aboard the "Winter Galley". The fare was 5# sterling and the trip took over six weeks. Their child Anna Elizabeth was born at sea. The passengers were allowed to take little with them, but had to take their own food. They arrived in Philadelphia September 3 (5), 1738. Also on board was Anna Susanna's brother John Adam Schaeffer, Jr. and George Smith (who later wed Anna's sister Barbara in Lehigh Twp.)

They settled in Lehigh Township in Northampton County, Pa. near an old Indian trail, not far from Lehigh Gap (near modern towns of Walnutport and Cherryville). At night wolves climbed onto the roof of their cabin and howled. Since rifles were scarce, they had to trap game at first.

Wilhelm's name appears on a petition in 1757 asking for assistance against the Indians. (Pa Archives, Series I, Vol. III, pp.164, 284-286).

He fought in the French and Indian War.

Fought in French and Indian War, and this may have undermined his health.

His estate was appraised at 415 pounds.

Copied from "The old Grave-Yards of Northampton and Adjacent Counties" by John Eyerman in June 1899. 
BEST, Wilhelm (I426)
131417 [Tracey3.FTW]

He was taxed on 100 acres of land in 1734.

He was naturalized at the same April term of Court, 1743, as his father, having also taken the sacrament at the same time, April 10, 1743.

In 1741 he was overseer of the poor in New Hanover Township.

He seems to have been out of favor with his father, as indicated by the latter's will, but the mother evidently kept her son in mind, as is shown by her will. 
KREBS, Simon (I445)
131418 [Tracey3.FTW]

He went west to Indiana Co., to Jefferson Co., Pa. 
WILSON, John I. (I537)
131419 [Tracey3.FTW]

Her first husband died during the Civil War. 
BAKER, Martha (I465)
131420 [Tracey3.FTW]

Married in Palatinate, Germany. 
Family F206
131421 [Tracey3.FTW]

Michael was an early settler in the New Hanover district of Philadelphia County. On October 28, 1742 he bought of Sprogel of his heirs a large tract of 186 acres, within the bounds of the Frankford company's lands. He later sold this property (in 1765) to his son Michael Fedele Jr. and another son Peter Fedele.

He was naturalized at the Court on April 10, 1765. The New Hanover church records speak of him as being a Dunkard (of German Baptist), but his wife was a Lutheran. 
FEDELE, Michael (I447)
131422 [Tracey3.FTW]

Never Married. 
PAINTER, Israel (I489)
131423 [Tracey3.FTW]

Original recrds have his name listed as : Andreas Klingenschmidt 
131424 [Tracey3.FTW]

Photo: D2.jpg 
DEEMER, Frank Shetler (I411)
131425 [Tracey3.FTW]

Photo: D4.jpg 
MILLER, Alice Eliza (I412)
131426 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I497)
131427 [Tracey3.FTW]

Photo: Shick2.jpg 
DEEMER, Doris Louise (I506)
131428 [Tracey3.FTW]

Settled in Winslow Twp, Jefferson Co. with his wife and children in 1831.

Baptized by John Michael Steck.
Sponsors were Georg Jacob Altman and Christina. 
DEEMER, Johannes (I475)
131429 [Tracey3.FTW]

She was baptized by John Michael Steck -- Harrold Zion Lutheran. Sponsors were the parents. 
CRIBBS, Mary (I435)
131430 [Tracey3.FTW]

She was baptized by John Michael Steck --- Greensburg Lutheran.
Sponsors were Conrad Hag and Anna Elisabeth. 
SILVIUS, Mary Magdalene (I471)
131431 [Tracey3.FTW]

She was baptized by Michael John Steck. 
MILLER, Lucinda (I493)
131432 [Tracey3.FTW]

She was confirmed at New Hanover church on March 29, 1752, aged 17. 
FEDELE, Sarah (I443)
131433 [Tracey3.FTW]

Sponsors at his baptism were Michael Fedele, Sr. and his wife, grandparents.

He was in the Revolutionary War. He enlisted first as a private in the 8th Pennsylvania regiment of the Continental Line, and is said to have served throughout the war. He attained the rank of Captain. After the war he held the rank of Major. The Pa. Archives, 5th series, vol 3, p 1379, give a list of the militia officers in the First Battalion, "agreeable to election" of the Westmoreland "Matltia", dated July 7, 1789. The Colonel was Christopher Truby, and the Major was John Cribbs. Later, John accompanied General Arthur St. Clair in his campaign against the Indians, and was killed in the battle when St. Clair was defeated on May 4, 1791. This was during the Northwest Indian Wars. (See Gresham's History of Westmoreland County, and other histories of the time.)

John appears on a tax list of 1789 in Armstrong township of Westmoreland Co., with one tract of land (Pa. Archives, 3rd series, vol 22). His home, however, seems to have been in Hempfield Township, where he appears in the federal census of 1790, as having one male over 16 years (himself), 6 under 16 years, and 3 females.

John, with his brother-in-law John Harrold, was an Administrator of his Father-in-law's estate, that of Christopher Harrold Sr., and signed the bond as such on April 7, 1787. He had acted as the trusted agent of Christopher Harrold for a number of years, as shown by an account of claim made by him against the estate. He also signed the agreement among the heirs of Christopher Harrold which made over the home farm property to the youngest son Daniel Harrold.

After his death in 1791, the administration on his estate was granted to the widow Catherind Cribbs and William Jack, on July 8, 1792. Daniel Harrold and Michael Huffnagle were the sureties on the bond. (Westmoreland Adm. Docket A, p 157)
See Cribbs family genealogy for a list of items enumerated.

He was a potter by trade. Most probably he had learned this trade while a youth from his uncle Michael Fedele Jr., who was a potter. Several of his sons also became potters. 
CRIBBS, Capt. John (I440)
131434 [Tracey3.FTW]

Sponsors were Adam Heckman and wife Christina. 
BAKER, John Adam (I481)
131435 [Tracey3.FTW]

This info was given in Pa. Archives, 2nd series, vol. 2, p. 638. 
Family F217
131436 [Tracey3.FTW]

Was a private in the Revolutionary War. 
FOX, Peter (I462)
131437 [Tracey3.FTW]

Was in the Revolutionary War.

Sponsors were John Peter Schilp and Anna Magdalene Fuchs. 
DIEMER, Peter Johann (I484)
131438 [Tracey3.FTW]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #4417, Date of Import: 25 Mar 1998]

Born in Germany, lived in Bucks County, PA from 1774 - 1795 and then moved to Northampton Countuy, the next county to the North. died before Feb 28, 1828 ("late of the U.S. Army")
[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #4417, Date of Import: 26 Mar 1998]
SCHMAEL, Peter Sr (I518)
131439 [Tracey3.FTW]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #4417, Date of Import: 25 Mar 1998]

Was a soldier American Revolution-
Moved to Westmoreland County near 1800.
Married Sophia Gunkel.
[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #4417, Date of Import: 26 Mar 1998]

Was a soldier American Revolution-
Moved to Westmoreland County near 1800.
Married Sophia Gunkel.
[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #4417, Date of Import: 26 Mar 1998]

Was a soldier American Revolution-
Moved to Westmoreland County near 1800.
Married Sophia Gunkel.
[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #4417, Date of Import: 1 Apr 1998]

Was a soldier American Revolution-
Moved to Westmoreland County near 1800.
Married Sophia Gunkel. 
SCHMAEL, Peter Jr (I516)

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