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151 (1900) Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH // Mutter heißt 1900 Kat herine Cavana
ugh (zweite Ehe?) 
KOVERMAN, Clara E. (I687)
152 (1900) Clinton, City of Sidney, Shelby Co., OH (p.49) 4 Kind er, 4, leben
d, (1910) Clinton, City of Sidney, Shelby Co., OH, (1920) Clinton, Shel
by Co., OH, (1930) Seattle, Pierce Co., WA 
JACOBS, Mary Caroline (I662)
153 (1900) Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY, 1-WD (Roll 529/1, p.16 1b) - 3 Kinde
r, 3 lebend, (1920) Glendale City, Burbank Twp. , Los Angeles Co., CA (Ro
ll 102/2, p.167a) 
HUESMAN, Mathilda Josephine (I653)
154 (1900) Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY, 1-WD (Roll 529/1, p.16 1b) - Clerk R
HUESMAN, Eugene A. (I654)
155 (1900) Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY, 1-WD (Roll 529/1, p.16 1b) - Tail
or Coat and Pants, (1920) Louisville, Jefferson Co ., KY, 2-WD, 20-Pct. (R
oll 579, p.47b) - Proprietor TailorSh op 
HUESMAN, John Francis (I655)
156 (1900) Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY, 1-WD (Roll 529/1, p.16 1b), (1920) A
ngeles Twp., City of Los Angeles, Los AngelesCo ., CA (Roll 112/1, p.199b
), (1930) Los Angeles Twp., City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA (Ro
ll 148) / Merchant Cloth ing Store 
HUESMAN, RALPH Robert (I657)
157 (1900) Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY, 1-WD (Roll 529/1, p.16 1b), (1920) S
an Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA (Roll 133, p.12b) / Clerk RR Co., (193
0) Portland, Multnomah Co., OR (R oll 1952) // District claims agent for L
uckenbach Steamship Co. Lived in San Francisco. 
HUESMAN, Raymond Cornelius (I658)
158 (1900) Louisville,Jefferson Co., KY, 1-WD (Roll 529/1, p.161 b), (1920) Gl
endale City, Burbank Twp., Los Angeles Co., CA (Roll 102/2, p.167a) 
DOLL, Henry Matthew Sr. (I625)
159 (1900) Minster Village, Jackson Twp., Auglaize Co., OH (p.11 4a), (1910
), Minster Village, Jackson Twp., Auglaize Co., OH (Roll 1154/1, p.144b
), 28yr., 4 Kinder, davon 2 (RudolphundS tanley) im Haus / Laundery? 
MEYER, Francis (I893)
160 (1900) Minster Village, Jackson Twp., Auglaize Co., OH (p.12 1) RIPPLOH, Mathilda (I933)
161 (1900) Minster Village, Jackson Twp., Auglaize Co., OH (Roll 1240, p.22a
), (1910) Minster Village, Jackson Twp., Auglaize Co., OH (Roll1154/1, p.1
39b) 29yr., (1920) Minster Village,J ackson Twp.,Auglaize Co., OH (Roll 13
48, p.328) 
RUEMPING, Matilda Theresia (I943)
162 (1900) Norwood East Precinct, Columbia Twp., Hamilton Co., O H (Roll, 1282
/1, p.159a) 
KOVERMAN, Gertrude A. (I696)
163 (1900) Norwood East Precinct, Columbia Twp., Hamilton Co., O H (Roll, 1282
/1, p.159a), (1910) Norwood City, Columbia Twp. , Hamilton Co., OH, (Ro
ll 1195/2, p.154b) 26yr. / Operator T elephone 
KOVERMAN, Mary L. (I716)
164 (1900) Turtle Creek Twp., Shelby Co., OH (p.224)
(1910) ("G.H.") Van Buren Twp., Shelby Co., OH (Roll 1230, p.24 7b)
(1920) Piqua, Washington Twp., Miami Co., OH // Zeugen bei der Hochzeit Jo
hn Scheimel, Elisabeth Helmsing

Es gibt einen Hinweis auf eine Familie Pohlschneider aus Damme, OLD 
POHLSCHNEIDER, Gerhard Henry (I922)
165 (1910) Norwood City, Columbia Twp., Hamilton Co., OH (Roll 1 195/2, p.122
b) 4yr., (1920) Los Angeles Twp., City of LosAn geles, Los Angeles Co., CA 
KOVERMAN, Charlotte (I686)
166 (1910) Wilkinsburg Borough, Allegheny Co., PA (Weststreet) / 39 yr., (192
0) Wilkinsburg Borough, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co ., PA (Roll 1530, p.15b
), (1930) Glendale Twp., City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA (Roll 12
7, p.7b) / 54yr. 
VORTISCH, Carolina (I988)
167 (1920) Albuquerque, Bernarlillo Co., NM KOVERMAN, Mary Katy (I717)
168 (1920) Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY, 2-WD, 20-Pct. (Roll 57 , 9, p.47b) UNKNOWN, Leila (I675)
169 (1920) Newcastle City, Henry Twp., Henry Co., IN, (1930) Ft. Wayne, All
en Co., IN (p.29a) 
THARP, Hazel (I970)
170 (1920) San Francisco, CA (Roll 133/2, p.194b), (1930) Portla nd, Multnom
ah Co., OR (Roll 1952) / laut hier Geburtsort Min nesota, beide Eltern a
us Danzig // Her stepfather was Herman Lagodni, her original name may ha
ve differed. 
LAGODIE, Anna Augusta Louise (I875)
171 (1930) Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH FERGUSON, Hazel Eva (I627)
172 (1930) Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH LUKEY, Clara E. (I882)
173 (1930) Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH (Roll 1856) SPANG, Frederick Charles (I514)
174 (1930) Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH (Roll 1856) SPANG, Mary Naomi (I464)
175 (1930) Glendale City, Burbank Twp., Los Angeles Co., CA (Rol l 127) VENHOFF, Margaret Balbina (I986)
176 (1930) Los Angeles Twp., City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co ., CA (Roll 1
WAITE, Norma W. (I711)
177 (Although the following obituary refers to Richard Spang, the details fit what is known of Raymond)

LAME DEER - Richard Spang, 33, former Lame Deer resident, died Saturday in Dulce, N.M.
The youngest member to be elected to the Northern Cheyenne Council, he served as Northern Cheyenne Housing Chairman from 1976 to 1978 and as a board member and chairman for Dull Knife Memorial College.
He was a member of the American Indian Movement and enjoyed hunting.
He was born in Crow Agency, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Spang. He attended schools in Lame Deer and Colstrip and graduated salutatorian from Colstrip High School in 1967. He attended various
Colleges from 1967 through 1974 including Yale, MIT, UCLA, University of New Mexico, University of Colorado and University of Washington. He also worked as an iron worker.

Survivors include his mother, Rena Whitewolf of Lame Deer; three sons, Allan and Roy both of Oaklahoma and Gus of Lame Deer; a daughter, Sunshine Dupree of South Dakota; three brothers, Lyman Spang of Mesa, Ariz., Gilbert Redneck of Lame Deer and Claire Clubfoote of New Mexico; and a sister, Regina Whiteman of Lame Deer.

Wake services will be 7 p.m. Thursday in Blessed Sacrement Catholic Church of Lame Deer. Services will be 2 p.m. Friday in Northern Cheyenne Tribal Gymnasium with burial in Busby cemetery. Bullis Mortuary of Hardin is in charge.
SPANG, Raymond (I507)
178 (nee Stumpf), beloved wife of Arthur E., mother of Mrs. Evelyn M. McGovern and Mrs. Hazel Dunning, sister of Fred and Albert Stumpf, grandmother of Earl and Donald McGovern, Barbara, Debra and John Dunning, passed away Thursday, Apr. 19, 1956
STUMPF, Ada E. (I27)
179 (Willis Albert Givens obituary, The Daily Ledger, Noblesville, Indiana, 4 Mar 1989, p. 12)

Willis Albert Givens Obituary
Willis Albert Givens, 84, died Friday, March 3 at Noblesville Healthcare Center. He was born April 8, 1904, in Middletown, Ind., the son of Elmer and Pearl (Sisson) Givens. A former Indianapolis resident, he had lived in Noblesville for the past six years. He was a member of the Lynnhurst Baptist Church of Indianapolis and the Speedway Masonic Lodge No.729 F&AM. He was a past employee of the Indianapolis Stock Yard.

Surviving is a son Ralph A. Givens of Noblesville; three brothers, Eugene Givens of Middletown, the Rev. Arthur Givens of Wabash, and Hansen Givens of Bradenton, Fla., two sisters, Neva Goul of Anderson and Audrey Hinshaw of New Castle; and a granddaughter.

Services will be 10 a.m. Monday at the Trout and Hughes Funeral Home Evans-Godby Chapel. the Rev. Robert Rinkenberg will officiate. Burial will be in Harlan Cemetery in Markleville, Ind. Friends may call from 2 to 8 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home. A Masonic service will be conducted at 7:30 p.m.
GIVENS, Willis Albert (I852)
180 *********************
" April 12, 1957.
This is a record of me and my family the best of my nowleg (knowledge). I am glad to say I am the family of 12 children, 4 of the older children past away when they (were) quite small. They were the oldest but those 8 of us lived to be grown, 5 boys and 3 girls and now I will give their names.
My oldest brother, B. Casey
and the next Fermon Casey
and the next Denson Casey
and next John J. Casey (my grandfather)
and next Will Casey

and the girls names
Exie Casey
Rose Casey
Effie Casey

4 of us still living
Dence Casey
Rose Casey
Will Casey
and this is about all that I know. I hope it will be help to you, your father, John J. Casey"


"My mother past away at the age of about 40 years with pneumonia and left dad with 6 children at home I was about 8 years old and the next summer we got burnt out and nothing in the house was taken out, no place to lay our heads and dad sold out in the fall and I think that was 1888 and we loaded what we had in December with two wagons and teams and moved out hear. I was 9 years old. We landed not far from hear close to Stidem town at my uncle jack Rumsey. Just in time for xmas. My dad never married until we was all grown and married off and then married just after (not legible) and he lived with her about 15 years. He was put away at featherston cemetery, oklahoma. We was at his funeral and all so at his bedside when he dide..a wonderful father."

He continues on on April 19, 1957.

"This is the record of my Father's folkes as well as I can remember. My grandfather was about 77 years at his death his name was Elisha (hard to read) Casey. My grandmother was about 80 years at her death (no name) and they had 6 children, two boys and 4 girls. My faither, Joseph Gilbert Casey and John J. Casey and aunt Angeline Rumsey - 9 children, Sis Butler - 5 girls, Martha Pucket - 4 children, and Aunt Cathon (Catherine) Stanley - 6 children.

the most of all of my fathers family, me and all of the rest of the children was born near Queen City, Texas and that is where we moved from out heare. The Indian Territory at that time and we landed hear bout the 20 day of December 1888."
CASEY, Joseph Gilbert (I2775)
181 **The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research
Number 4, Fall, 1979
Laurens County Estate Book A-1 (Continued from Vol. 6, p.226)

SCMAR, Vol. VII, Fall 1979, No. 4, p.224
Pp. 73-74: Will of Zacariah Green of County of Laurens, being very weak in body to wife All my estate and at her deceased to my nefew Elisha Casey, my land 100 acres remainder to my children James Green and Elisibeth Eastewood I owe to Joel Jonson; my grandson James Green & Elisha Casy, exrs11 Feb 1793
CASEY, Elisha (I1711)
182 --Other Fields
TOBEY, Thomas (I9112)
183 --Other Fields
KNOWLES, Rebecca (I9113)
184 --Other Fields
TOBEY, Mehitable (I9114)
185 --Other Fields
TOBEY, Rebecca (I9115)
186 --Other Fields
TOBEY, Seth (I9116)
187 --Other Fields
TOBEY, Thomas (I9117)
188 --Other Fields
KNOWLES, John (I9118)
189 --Other Fields
BANGS, Apphia (I9119)
190 --Other Fields
KNOWLES, Edward (I9120)
191 --Other Fields
192 --Other Fields
KNOWLES, Deborah (I9122)
193 --Other Fields
KNOWLES, Richard (I9123)
194 --Other Fields
BOWERS, Ruth (I9124)
195 --Other Fields
KNOWLES, Samuel (I9125)
196 --Other Fields
KNOWLES, Mary (I9126)
197 --Other Fields
KNOWLES, Mehetable (I9127)
198 --Other Fields
KNOWLES, Samuel (I9128)
199 --Other Fields
KNOWLES, Mercy (I9129)
200 --Other Fields
KNOWLES, Ruth (Duty?) (I9130)

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