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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BENNETT, Rachel H.  1882OH I159 Ohio Spangs 
2 DIRKSEN, Maria Anna Jane  1848OH I624 Ohio Spangs 
3 HORNBERGER, Helen  Mar 1898OH I38 Ohio Spangs 
4 HORNBERGER, Rose  Sep 1895OH I35 Ohio Spangs 
5 KOVERMAN, Elizabeth  Jun 1857OH I690 Ohio Spangs 
6 KOVERMAN, Sophia  1852OH I721 Ohio Spangs 
7 KRUPP, Helen M.  1900OH I163 Ohio Spangs 
8 LEIBOLD, Robert V.  14 Feb 1916OH I488 Ohio Spangs 
9 MEYER, Francis  Mar 1882OH I893 Ohio Spangs 
10 MEYERS, Mary  1862OH I901 Ohio Spangs 
11 NICOLAY, Robert  02 Feb 1909OH I480 Ohio Spangs 
12 PARKER, Bush  1872OH I1123 Ohio Spangs 
13 REISING, Bernard  05 May 1863OH I934 Ohio Spangs 
14 REISING, Elisabeth  Between Jun 1862 and 06 May 1863OH I936 Ohio Spangs 
15 REISING, John  Mar 1855OH I938 Ohio Spangs 
16 REISING, Margaret  Feb 1857OH I940 Ohio Spangs 
17 REISING, Margaret  1864OH I941 Ohio Spangs 
18 RIPPLOH, Mathilda  20 Jan 1881OH I933 Ohio Spangs 
19 STIRM, Amelia  Abt 1864OH I462 Miscellaneous Spangs 
20 STIRM, Fred  Abt 1868OH I463 Miscellaneous Spangs 
21 STIRM, Katherine  11 Feb 1872OH I464 Miscellaneous Spangs 
22 SWEETERS (SCHWIETERS) GEN. REISING, Sophia  1851OH I965 Ohio Spangs 
23 UNKNOWN, Agnes  Apr 1856OH I1017 Ohio Spangs