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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lena  1885Pennsylvania I2355 Miscellaneous Spangs 
2 Patience  1791Pennsylvania I1210 Connecticut Spangs 
3 ?, Annetta  Sep 1825Pennsylvania I7341 Connecticut Spangs 
4 ???, Caroline  Abt 1810Pennsylvania I4363 Hans Georg Spang 
5 ???, Catherine  1800Pennsylvania I867 Hans Georg Spang 
6 ???, Catherine  Oct 1857Pennsylvania I1191 Butler Spangs 
7 ???, Catrherine A.  1898Pennsylvania I1538 Butler Spangs 
8 ???, Charlotte  May 1862Pennsylvania I358 Butler Spangs 
9 ???, Grace  Abt 1882Pennsylvania I1320 Butler Spangs 
10 ???, Helen Mary  Abt 1891Pennsylvania I1058 Connecticut Spangs 
11 ???, Ida  1893Pennsylvania I4645 Hans Georg Spang 
12 ???, Jennie  1871Pennsylvania I1480 Butler Spangs 
13 ???, Johanna  Abt 1883Pennsylvania I1137 Miscellaneous Spangs 
14 ???, Laura  Oct 1873Pennsylvania I1195 Butler Spangs 
15 ???, Mable  Abt 1880Pennsylvania I9441 Connecticut Spangs 
16 ???, Mary  1838Pennsylvania I9175 Connecticut Spangs 
17 ???, Mary Eleanor  1893Pennsylvania I4520 Hans Georg Spang 
18 ???, Rachel  Abt 1816Pennsylvania I4071 Hans Georg Spang 
19 ???, Reachal  Abt 1792Pennsylvania I5350 Connecticut Spangs 
20 ???, Susan  Abt 1855Pennsylvania I221 Bollendorf Spangs 
21 ???, Susana  Abt 1806Pennsylvania I962 Connecticut Spangs 
22 AGLER, John  03 Aug 1791Pennsylvania I1255 Hans Georg Spang 
23 AGLER, Mary  29 Aug 1793Pennsylvania I1346 Hans Georg Spang 
24 AGLER, Susannah  Abt 1794Pennsylvania I1211 Hans Georg Spang 
25 BAIR, Isaac  Jul 1849Pennsylvania I8846 Connecticut Spangs 
26 BAKER, Eldon L.  Jan 1921Pennsylvania I1055 Connecticut Spangs 
27 BAKER, Paul  Abt 1890Pennsylvania I1057 Connecticut Spangs 
28 BARDALL, Lydia  22 Jul 1882Pennsylvania I2633 Miscellaneous Spangs 
29 BAUGHMAN, David  29 Apr 1800Pennsylvania I1343 Hans Georg Spang 
30 BAUGHMAN, Henry  05 Nov 1787Pennsylvania I1331 Hans Georg Spang 
31 BAUGHMAN, Sarah  Abt 1785Pennsylvania I1337 Hans Georg Spang 
32 BODENHORN, Jacob  1848Pennsylvania I9291 Connecticut Spangs 
33 CARR, Daniel  1818Pennsylvania I1382 Hans Georg Spang 
34 CASTOR, Ruth  Abt 1806Pennsylvania I7686 Connecticut Spangs 
35 CLIFF, Samuel J.  Abt 1899Pennsylvania I4060 Hans Georg Spang 
36 COLLER, Ida R.  Abt 1868Pennsylvania I4605 Hans Georg Spang 
37 COLLER, Mahlon  Abt 1840Pennsylvania I4604 Hans Georg Spang 
38 COLLER, William J.  Jul 1879Pennsylvania I4607 Hans Georg Spang 
39 COLLIER, Harrison G.  Nov 1871Pennsylvania I4606 Hans Georg Spang 
40 CONKLE, Emily  Abt 1842Pennsylvania I4366 Hans Georg Spang 
41 CONKLE, Eugene Albert  Dec 1844Pennsylvania I4361 Hans Georg Spang 
42 CONKLE, Francis  Abt 1837Pennsylvania I4365 Hans Georg Spang 
43 CONKLE, Harry C.  Abt 1848Pennsylvania I4367 Hans Georg Spang 
44 CONKLE, Henry  Abt 1810Pennsylvania I4362 Hans Georg Spang 
45 CONKLE, Josephine A.  Mar 1839Pennsylvania I4360 Hans Georg Spang 
46 CONKLE, William H.  Abt 1835Pennsylvania I4364 Hans Georg Spang 
47 CONRAD, Mary Adeline  1857Pennsylvania I557 Miscellaneous Spangs 
48 CONWAY, Margaret A.  1875Pennsylvania I1537 Butler Spangs 
49 COOPER, Sarah Ann  1814Pennsylvania I3758 Connecticut Spangs 
50 COREY, Clark  1850Pennsylvania I4242 Hans Georg Spang 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ???, Ella Nora  1890Pennsylvania I2478 Miscellaneous Spangs 
2 ???, Mary Eleanor  03 May 1965Pennsylvania I4520 Hans Georg Spang 
3 ENGLE, John M.  23 Jan 1999Pennsylvania I4527 Hans Georg Spang 
4 FAITH, Janice Andrea  Nov 1980Pennsylvania I893 Butler Spangs 
5 HANSELL, John R.  01 Aug 1900Pennsylvania I1400 Butler Spangs 
6 KAUFFMAN, Sarah Ann  24 Nov 1929Pennsylvania I493 Hans Georg Spang 
7 KLINGENSMITH, Franklin Dean  31 Dec 1994Pennsylvania I657 Butler Spangs 
8 KUNTZ, Jonas H.  22 Jul 1889Pennsylvania I5633 Connecticut Spangs 
9 KUNTZ, Susannah E.  17 Mar 1869Pennsylvania I5631 Connecticut Spangs 
10 OSTERTAG, Joseph Aloysius  23 Apr 1899Pennsylvania I2677 Miscellaneous Spangs 
11 PEPPLER, Christopher  26 Feb 1873Pennsylvania I946 Butler Spangs 
12 PLASTERER, Caroline  17 Dec 1930Pennsylvania I4533 Hans Georg Spang 
13 REITENOUR, Johannes Adam  03 Nov 1755Pennsylvania I1043 Hans Georg Spang 
14 RICK, Ella R.  03 Nov 1949Pennsylvania I500 Hans Georg Spang 
15 SCHMAEL, Barbara  10 Mar 1908Pennsylvania I522 Butler Spangs 
16 SHETTERLY, Maria Magdalina  Abt 1776Pennsylvania I3913 Connecticut Spangs 
17 SMYERS, Jean  26 Jul 1987Pennsylvania I6231 Connecticut Spangs 
18 SPANG, Ammon  27 Feb 1950Pennsylvania I4532 Hans Georg Spang 
19 SPANG, Elenora  Bef 1880Pennsylvania I2617 Miscellaneous Spangs 
20 SPANG, Emanuel R.  Nov 1968Pennsylvania I1142 Miscellaneous Spangs 
21 SPANG, Frank Henry  Bef 1930Pennsylvania I1403 Butler Spangs 
22 SPANG, George T.  26 Aug 1931Pennsylvania I4596 Hans Georg Spang 
23 SPANG, James B.  1908Pennsylvania I1517 Butler Spangs 
24 SPANG, Levi K.  09 Jul 1917Pennsylvania I3078 Hans Georg Spang 
25 SPANG, Mary K.  20 Feb 1951Pennsylvania I494 Hans Georg Spang 
26 SPANG, Nicholas J.  26 Sep 1909Pennsylvania I2477 Miscellaneous Spangs 
27 SPANG, Stella P.  25 Jun 1968Pennsylvania I4535 Hans Georg Spang 
28 SPANG, William Richardson  30 Sep 1952Pennsylvania I3789 Hans Georg Spang 
29 SPONG, Noah  Abt 1882Pennsylvania I3892 Hans Georg Spang 
30 WEAVER, Peter Buhite  30 Jul 1882Pennsylvania I5625 Connecticut Spangs 
31 YOUNG, Gilbert  30 Aug 1945Pennsylvania I161 Butler Spangs 
32 YOUNG, Sarah Elizabeth  09 Dec 1969Pennsylvania I940 Butler Spangs 
33 YOUNG, William Orr  24 Nov 1907Pennsylvania I162 Butler Spangs 
34 ZINN, Lloyd Jasper  08 Jun 1954Pennsylvania I391 Butler Spangs 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Pifer / Reed  29 Sep 1859Pennsylvania F2161 Connecticut Spangs 
2 Shetterly / Stroup  17 Mar 1784Pennsylvania F1667 Connecticut Spangs 
3 Spang / Ulam  29 Nov 1864Pennsylvania F177 Miscellaneous Spangs 
4 Van Gundy / Shonauer  1763Pennsylvania F643 Hans Georg Spang 
5 Van Reed / Hiestand  14 Feb 1769Pennsylvania F329 Hans Georg Spang 
6 Wilhelm / Spang  Abt 1862Pennsylvania F157 Hans Georg Spang