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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Nell M.  08 Jan 1886Wisconsin I2361 Miscellaneous Spangs 
2 ???, Amelia  Mar 1857Wisconsin I14 Bollendorf Spangs 
3 ???, Eva M.  1873Wisconsin I232 Bollendorf Spangs 
4 ???, Louise  Abt 1878Wisconsin I65 Bollendorf Spangs 
5 BAKKE, Sermund  1884Wisconsin I69 Bollendorf Spangs 
6 BOWE, Elizabeth Irene  10 Dec 1891Wisconsin I2240 Miscellaneous Spangs 
7 DONNER, Arvin N.  25 Mar 1898Wisconsin I7113 Connecticut Spangs 
8 FISCHER, Frank J.  1884Wisconsin I2354 Miscellaneous Spangs 
9 FOX, Edna  Apr 1900Wisconsin I7512 Connecticut Spangs 
10 FOX, Ruth  Nov 1893Wisconsin I7511 Connecticut Spangs 
11 HEBERLING, Eva Theresa  25 Jul 1915Wisconsin I894 Bollendorf Spangs 
12 LEONARD, Ray S  1894Wisconsin I483 Bollendorf Spangs 
13 MAYERS, Minnie  Feb 1872Wisconsin I673 Miscellaneous Spangs 
14 MEINEKE, Charles  Apr 1855Wisconsin I473 Bollendorf Spangs 
15 MEINEKE, Charles  01 Jul 1879Wisconsin I471 Bollendorf Spangs 
16 MEINEKE, Clarence W.  18 Feb 1894Wisconsin I478 Bollendorf Spangs 
17 MEINEKE, Frieda  Abt 1878Wisconsin I475 Bollendorf Spangs 
18 MEINEKE, Jennie E.  Nov 1883Wisconsin I476 Bollendorf Spangs 
19 MEINEKE, Natalie N.  Jan 1889Wisconsin I477 Bollendorf Spangs 
20 MINIKEL, Garfield E.  14 Nov 1915Wisconsin I536 Bollendorf Spangs 
21 NEARY, Thomas F.  31 Oct 1862Wisconsin I1491 Miscellaneous Spangs 
22 RAMMELT, Fred  Abt 1872Wisconsin I66 Bollendorf Spangs 
23 RAMMELT, Lyle Leo  28 Nov 1899Wisconsin I263 Bollendorf Spangs 
24 SPANG, Aloys  13 Jul 1916Wisconsin I1146 Miscellaneous Spangs 
25 SPANG, Birtha  Aug 1888Wisconsin I830 Miscellaneous Spangs 
26 SPANG, Bruce S.  06 Jun 1924Wisconsin I465 Connecticut Spangs 
27 SPANG, Dorothy  Abt 1915Wisconsin I2669 Miscellaneous Spangs 
28 SPANG, Elizabeth  Abt 1858Wisconsin I1160 Miscellaneous Spangs 
29 SPANG, George  Mar 1890Wisconsin I831 Miscellaneous Spangs 
30 SPANG, Henry  Abt 1868Wisconsin I582 Miscellaneous Spangs 
31 SPANG, John  Abt 1856Wisconsin I1159 Miscellaneous Spangs 
32 SPANG, Joseph  Jan 1859Wisconsin I16 Bollendorf Spangs 
33 SPANG, Pauline  17 Jan 1920Wisconsin I1147 Miscellaneous Spangs 
34 SPANG, Peter  19 Sep 1869Wisconsin I583 Miscellaneous Spangs 
35 SPANG, Sylvester  05 Feb 1911Wisconsin I1145 Miscellaneous Spangs 
36 TAMM, Norma Bertha  1911Wisconsin I462 Bollendorf Spangs 
37 TAMM, William H  30 Mar 1888Wisconsin I461 Bollendorf Spangs 
38 VEHRING, Fredrich  25 Feb 1884Wisconsin I2360 Miscellaneous Spangs 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 SPANG, Dorothy  Bef 1930Wisconsin I2669 Miscellaneous Spangs 
2 VALENTINE, Elizabeth J.  12 Aug 1901Wisconsin I2962 Connecticut Spangs