Postcard of the Steel Factory in Pittsburgh (Spang, Charles H.)

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Welcome to the revised SPANG website. The search box will bring up all the different files. If you do not know the branch you want to research you may have to spend time checking out different branches. They are briefly described to the right. This site was created by David B. Spang, who passed away in 2016, and is now being maintained by his son-in-law David Polly.

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feature 1 New England Spangs Search the Boston Spangs They were originally from Trier Germany. Joseph Spang was born in 1842 in Trier, Germany, came to US in 1876, settled in Boston, MA area. Another Spang settled in Ohio but has the same roots. Search the Connecticut Spangs updated 11/13/13 It has its origins in Nicholas Spang who came from Alsace in 1835 and settled in Connecticut. One branch, Peter (Pierre) went west to the California Goldrush and he has many relatives in Montana and Washington. He also is the progenitor of a large Northern Cheyenne group which has its own website.

feature 2 Pennsylvania Spangs There are three groups of Pennsylvania Spangs. Hans Georg Spang came from Rotterdam, Holland in 1751 and settled in Pennsylvania. He is the ancestor of a large group in Pennsylvania for whom Spangsville is named. They were active in mining and, later, founded Spang-Chalfant, a steel producing factory. A second group settled in Butler PA. George Spang was reportedly one of three brothers, who came to the US in 1763. There is no known tie with Hans Georg. This file also contains a 3rd group of PA Spangs from Allentown.

feature 3 MidWest Spangs Search the Bollendorf Spangs Five children of Johannes Spang, born at Bollendorf in 1791, left Germany circa 1855/56 - William of Wisconsin; Margaretha (Mrs. Michael Reger), of Cincinnati; Mathias of Illinois and later Idaho; Margaret (Mrs. John Huth) of Stayner, Ontario, Canada; and Anthony of Markham and later Claremont, Ontario. Perhaps a generation later, 3rd cousins once removed to the above, settled in Illinois. They include John (Aurora), John Peter (Chicago) and Catherine - Mrs. Valentine Steffes (Chicago). Search the Ohio Spangs - Frederick Spang, b. 1834, settled in Coshocton County, Ohio as early as 1860. Jacob Joseph Spang, b.1843, immigrated in 1881 to Dayton and a son, Charles F., later moved to Springfield, Ohio. Julius Spang founded the Spang Bakery in Cleveland, Ohio- "Let Them Eat Spang Bread"

feature 4 Miscellaneous Spangs || My wife's family Search Miscellaneous SpangsThere are many Spangs for whom I only have a twig (grandparents, parents and children) but no connection to a larger group of Spangs. I would greatly appreciate anyone being able to tie some of these twigs to larger branches. Search My Wife's Family They include the names of Shaul, Hersbergers {Maryland to Madison County, IN}, Givens, Sissons, Hinshaw, Conklins, Shetterly. Search the Herspergers - A remarkable labor of love- Mr Billeter copied thousand of Swiss records. This one applies to the Herspergers in Maryland and Indiana and their ancestors in Switzerland around Sissach

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